SIMPLICITY/ SENSITIVITY & MELODY: "Simplicity is fundamental. I believe that the melody is essentially important because it stimulates us on a primal level by evoking profound feelings. This is why I consider myself more than a musician, I am a melodist."

SHARING: "Music always means sharing for me: you taste it, you savor it and you delight in it. Each note, each breath, each phrase, beautifully fits in its place. As the music plays, it reveals the story with every line, every sentence commanding our emotions and instantly influencing our feelings. Inspiration evolves from the childlike innocence, simplicity in its purity.

PIANO: "When I play the piano I narrate a story which transports me into another world. My interpretation of the piece allows me to share those magical moments and feelings with others. "

CHAMBER MUSIC/ACCOMPANIST: "This is even stronger when I play Chamber Music or when I accompany a singer. "

SCHUBERT: "My closest association is with Schubert’s extraordinary universe. He has that remarkable melodic sense, kind of divine inspiration which makes him, in my opinion, the genius composer and melodist. Each note reveals an immeasurable delicacy and tenderness, like a caress. He possesses an extraordinary power of modulation and he is able to transport you immediately from the Major mode of serenity, stillness and tranquility to the Minor mode of immense melancholy, and evokes immeasurable distress to the point of despair. Finally, it can build up to an unpredictable crescendo. Thus it chronicles our lives with much the same instabilities. When one takes note of the second movement of the Sonata D960 one can understand the power of Schubert’s mastermind; its perfection affects you entirely, and transports you into the world of intense emotions filled with joy and innocence, but also extreme depression and despondent gloom. I also deeply connect to one of his Lieder (Songs) Cycle “DieWinterreise”(Winter Journey), which exemplifies for me his astounding abilities with unique melodies and lyrics."

RACHMANINOFF: "Russian music also plays an important role in my life because of my Slav ancestry."

CREATIVITY/SOUNTRACKS: "Consequently when I compose a musical theme for a movie after reading a scenario or a book or watching the movie itself, I attempt to translate my feelings and images into the melody I write. I try to relay these same emotions successfully and succinctly to the viewer. The melody should be able to bring back to the viewer’s reminiscent the corresponding images in the film. "

HOLLYWOOD: "With that idea in mind, Georges DELERUE is undoubtedly my main inspiration, due to his mastery of melodies and his extraordinary talent. It is upon his recommendation that I moved to HOLLYWOOD to enhance my career."